My clear journey

Contrary to what some of you might have expected this is not a heroic account of a battle I fought or something really gallant. This is my story of how I fought and survived acne. Yes, acne. Now, many of you might call this exaggeration but those of you who have been through this will understand my struggle and hopefully relate to it. I have spoken openly about this to a few close friends and never did I imagine that I would be willing to share something so personal and allow myself to open up on a public domain. But it is rightly said that in vulnerability you find your strength. So if by allowing myself to be vulnerable, by sharing my experience, journey and mistakes, I can help even one person going through similar things, it will be worth it. Reading about other people’s struggles and connecting to them helped me get through my acne, so as I write this, I hope it helps you get through yours.
They say inner beauty is what matters but I know how hard it is to remember that every morni…